Ezekiel dreams beyond repair 2021

Multimedia installation:
Gate Keepers: four sculptures, high-pressure surface cleaner
Replica of Monsieur POL, light installation

In Neda Saeedi's installation created especially for the exhibition, a blue throne is raised into the sky, behind it flashes a green sun, within it gapes a sinister hole. Ezekiel dreams beyond repair questions the foundations of Ezekiel's Old Testament vision of salvation. The prophet had the apparition of a divine throne on wheels that would institutionalize monotheism and prevent idolatry. In the installation before our eyes, this vision has coagulated into pragmatic politics. The throne shares the color with the one in Ezekiel's vision, but also cites an organ of European power: Monsieur POL, the design name of the chair from the European Parliament that has been recreated here. Only a transparent layer has been inserted between this power and its subordinates. The weight is on plants, which are composed of plants from different parts of the world that have died out in the wild; only as cultivated plants do they continue to exist. The tamed nature carries the world domination - categorized and catalogued, more dead than alive. It no longer takes root in the soil, but is tucked into the brush heads of surface cleaners.

Commissioned by TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol for HEXEN, Photos © Günter Kresser