Formal Investigation – Berlin (Jerusalemer Strasse)

Sculptural Installation
Acrylic Glass, Dry Wall, Large Format Print

“Formal Investigation” (2015) are a group of four sculptural installations that draws attention to the construction of buildings and cities, particularly mass construction projects. Its purpose is to question the historical reasons or economical/political aspect of their existence.
In "Formal Investigation" I investigate construction sites that are:
– Places of violence within their past histories. For instance “Berlin-Jerusalemer Strasse”, which is a construction site on the same spot of the former Berlin wall or “East-Jerusalem” that is a symbol of a continues violence extending its local and historical urgency from Germany WWII to today’s Israeli and Palestinian conflict.
– Places without violence in their historical narrative, but because of their economic developments plans they cause formal aggression on their local land, labor violence and abuse throughout the building process. For instance “Doha” the capital of Qatar or “Abu Dhabi” in United Arab Emirate.

“Formal Investigation” tries to root the injuries that has caused these construction projects as well as finding the injuries they are causing now. “Formal Investigation” imagines what might come out of the ruins.
Through cutting the images of those places and re-assembling them with conventional construction sites materials and tools (tools that accelerate the building process) I bring the constructing and deconstructing process into gallery space and invite the spectator to experience the process. The results are abstract, shiny, half transparent and edgy structured architectural models that repeat themselves within their forms.