Tell Me Muse, Speak, And Begin Our Story

Installation, 48 slide projections, text, phosphorescent paint, 2015
Dimension variable

The installation consists of a diapositive slide projector and a phosphorescent sprayed text on the wall of the exhibition space. The slide projector projects 34 slides, each depicting silhouettes of various objects, with 2 blank and 48 black interruptions in–between them, and focusses on an aesthetic chronology of institutionalized culture, as a history of power mechanisms.

The selection of iconic museum objects: daily life tools, buildings, machines and sculptures, represent a time lapse, following from Ancient Greece until the computer age of today.

The phosphorescent text on the wall–a quote from the first paragraph of “The Odyssey” by Homer–melts in the beam of light; shining through the slide silhouettes and images/symbols/icons merge together. 34 new forms of the text are created: a choreography of emersion and disappearance, of memory and amnesia.